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Amur Beluga

150,00 €


Origin: Amur River between China and Russia.
Type of screw: Huso Dauricus Acipenser (Beluga ruso) x Acipenser Schrenckii.
Roe size: between 2 and 3 mm.
Crossing Russia, we reached and selected the Amur Caviar from where we discovered the Amur Beluga Caviar, which for those who taste it, does not exchange it for anything.
Its light emerald color is attenuated with dormant tones, betting on an extra-ordinary texture located on the gold plates of the great international tables. Flavor in a pure, deep, insunuating state and with a presence of great delicacy does not come off its potency and explodes in every sense of our taste.
Excellent Gourmet Caviar which is characterized by being an harmonic complement in any dish that requires its presence alone or accompanied, in order to win over any diner.

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