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Chef at Home:

Have the experience of a meal and your favorite dishes cooked by a professional chef in the confort of your home, office or vacation home.

Special moment for family reunions, romantic dinners and many other situations.

We offer a unique experience of japonese gastronomy/cuisine (escolhe) with a private chef.

During the time he spends with you and your guests, our chef can also make special menus of japonese cooking classes where, in addition to learning the dishes you want to cook, you can enjoy a delicious meal afterwards.

We have all the equipment needed and designed to be accessible in all environments so that you won’t have to worry.


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The Doma delivery has arrived to bring you the best sushi at any time in the comfort of your home. With its own delivery service and in complete safety the deliveries are made daily.

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Just indicate exactly what you want.

Whether it is a private event, such qs your special wedding or a corporate event, our team will help you chose and hire every service necessary, starting with the Chef and his assistants.

The choice of the service of a private chef for your event has multiple advantages, starting with being able to adjust the menus to you and you’re guests wishes, thus having your favourite meals and dishes cooked by a professional Chef with fresh and previously selected ingredients.

We complement your event with any other service you wish.


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Doma in partnership with the renowned Sommelier manuel moreira (, is ready to recommend, clarify, help with wine selection or answer questions about possible harmonizations.

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